April 2023 Fees

All prices shown are per lesson. All lessons/groups are charged termly in advance (10 weeks of lessons) and half a term’s notice must be given to cancel (except in exceptional circumstances).

The notice period helps us to fulfil our obligations to our professional tutors, pay for facilities and to encourage you to be fully committed to the lessons!

Individual Lessons

30-minute individual lesson: £20.90

Instrumental Groups

30-minute group: £7.95

45-minute group: £10.95

60 minute group: £11.90

75 minute group: £14.65


Adult Jazz Choir (45m): £7.95

YMM Voices (45m): £7.95

Junior Choirs (30m): £4.55 (*Choir 1 is FREE if taken in addition to lesson or other group).

Community Choir (45m): £7.95

Discount Bundles

We offer discounts on group instrumental lessons of 30 and 45 minutes when taken in addition to a 1-2-1 lesson or another group of any length:

Instrumental group discounts:

30-minute group: £6.50

45-minute group: £9.20

Administration charge

£11.00 - capped at 2 per family.


Full and partial bursaries are available to students, based on financial need. Please contact us for more details. To donate to our bursary fund, or support us in other ways, please visit our "Support Us" page.

Terms and conditions

  • All Fees are due on the first day of term.
  • Online payment is preferable; bank details will be on your invoice. Please enter student name as reference number.
  • Please make cheques payable to "Young Music Makers London" not "YMM".
  • We are no longer able to accept cash payments for termly invoices.
  • All groups and lessons automatically roll over each term, including over the summer from July to September.
  • We ask for a half-term’s written notice for withdrawal from any YMM group or lesson. We bill termly and notice needs to be given a full half-term before, i.e. in order to stop lessons in September, notice needs to be given by the beginning of May half-term.
  • No refund will be made for missed lessons.
  • In the event of YMM having to cancel a lesson, we will try to make it up. However, in some instances it may be necessary to offer a refund.
  • YMM offers a comprehensive music education. Visits from performing artists and concert commitments will not be counted as missed lessons.
  • Please note that while attending YMM, children are the responsibility of parents/carers at all times outside of their scheduled lesson time