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Congratulations! Summer Term Exam Results

Congratulations! Summer Term Exam Results

14 September 2018

a MASSIVE well done to all of our students who took exams last term, you have worked so hard to deserve these fantastic marks and should be very proud of yourselves!

a HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful YMM Tutor team who prepared them and work so hard with our students every week.

and a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to all parents who continue to support with practice, lifts to lessons, buying reeds/strings/books and all that comes with the job!

Jacob Causer Grade 4 Piano Merit.

Tutor: Joe Bickerstaff

Owen Lewy-Sharp Grade 6 Saxophone Distinction.

Tutor: Alex Merritt

Ellie Lewy-Sharp Grade 7 Flute Merit.

Tutor: Daisy Coole

Emily Millard Grade 5 Flute Merit.

Tutor: Sara Minelli

Annelise O’Connell Grade 7 Guitar Merit.

Tutor: Nikos Baroutsakis

Leon Butterworth Grade 8 Guitar Distinction

Tutor: Chris Evesham

Sonny Caplan-Higgs Grade 6 Jazz Saxophone Distinction

Tutor: Chris Williams

Emse Llewellyn-Smith Grade 5 Jazz Flute Merit

Tutor: Chris Williams

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