Coronavirus Updates

Update March 2022

While the government has removed the legal requirement to isolate if you have Covid-19, at YMM we still ask staff and students to stay away if you have Covid 19 or the main symptoms. Please check our FAQs below.

We also have a handy Student Checklist (below) for you to read before you attend. Please also refer to the Tutor room list and Floorplan to help you locate your lesson.

Don't worry - there will always be a friendly face on hand to help if you have any questions!

FAQs - scroll down.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support.


Do I have to wear a mask? If you are secondary age or above, please continue to wear a mask when moving around indoors until you are seated in your lesson or rehearsal.

Do I have to wear a mask during my lesson or class? If your tutor asks you to keep your mask on for the duration of the lesson, please be considerate and following this request.

Do I need to take a lateral flow test before attending YMM? This is not mandatory, however, before coming to YMM please consider taking a lateral flow on Friday evening, or at least 30-minutes before attending YMM.

What shall I do if I, or a member of my house, have coronavirus symptoms? We would ask you to please be considerate and stay at home, unless a few days have passed with negative lateral flow tests.

What should I do if my lateral flow test shows positive before Saturday?

While there is no longer a legal requirement to isolate, we ask that you stay at home if you are suffering from symptoms of coronavirus and do not attend YMM.

This is my child's first time at YMM - can I go with them to their lesson? Generally we ask you to leave them to it, allow them to form a bond with their tutor and reduce foot traffic indoors. However, if there is a reason you may need to sit in, please do discuss this with the team when you book your taster session to make sure there is space in the room.

Where can I wait during my child's lesson? Primary age parents may drop their child to the lesson then leave immediately. Secondary age students must make their own way to class. Parent may wait outside, respect social distancing measures and that others’ needs may be different from your own. There is a covered outdoor area with seating round the back of the library for use during wet weather.It may be worth coming a few minutes early and agreeing a spot to meet your child after the lesson.

When do I pick my child up? Please arrive 5 minutes earlier than the advertised end time so we can ensure students get safely back to you on time for the next session to start.

What shall I do if I cannot remember the time of my lesson? Please check your invoice for details of all activities with timings. You can check group timings on our ensembles timetable. Email us by Thursday of each week for further help.

Who should I contact at YMM to request changes to my activities? Please email Becca Wilkins on

I want to swap my lesson time for this week, will this be possible? Please email Becca Wilkins on The earlier in the week you email, the more possible this will be. However, this will usually involve another student agreeing to swap, and therefore we cannot guarantee anything.

I am not sure I want to continue my YMM activity. Who should I speak to and when? Please do contact us before it gets to the point of wanting to stop to let us know the reasons why. We always do out best to listen to the experience of the individual student and 9 times out 10 it turns out that there is something specific we can work on together, whether this be support with a regular practice schedule, encouragement to join fun, new group to keep motivation up, or moving lesson times so student can take part in all the Saturday activities they enjoy.

If at this point, the student still would like to stop, YMM T&Cs require half a term's written notice to stop any YMM activity. Therefore, to stop lessons in September, written notice is required by the end of May half-term. This is necessary to ensure YMM's financial stability and the work of our self-employed tutors.

Thank you in advance for your care, co-operation and patience.

DISCLAIMER: It is important to stress that while YMM will make every effort to assess and minimise the risk, in-person tuition will never be entirely free of risk of contracting COVID-19 and, by agreeing to in-person lessons, students accept this. Our full risk assessment is available to view on our policies page.