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Top Tips For Online Music Lessons

Top Tips For Online Music Lessons

30 May 2020

Three top tips from our YMM tutors for making the most of your online music lessons:

1. Prepare in Advance

For your first online music lesson it is good practice to set up 10-minutes beforehand.

Check that you have these ready:

◾️ Your instrument

◾️ Your music

◾️ Your device

2. Set Up a Music Zone

Do not sit in front of a bright window or light; have the light in front of you.

Make you sure you angle your camera to see your hands and/or mouth and the whole of the instrument.

3. Zoom Settings

Go to Zoom Audio Settings:

◾️ Untick ‘automatically adjust microphone volume’

Click ‘Advanced’

◾️ Tick ‘show in-meeting option to enable original sound‘

◾️ Disable ‘suppress persistent background noise’

◾️ Disable ‘suppress intermittent background noise’

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