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Tutor Gigs - Autumn 2018

Tutor Gigs - Autumn 2018

22 September 2018

Becky McChrystal YMM's Administrator will be performing in the following concerts:

Multistorey Orchestra: “The Order of Time” 

7.45pm | Saturday 22nd September | Bold Tendencies, Multi-storey Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, Peckham. SE15 4ST

As part of Bold Tendencies' season closing event called 'The Order of Time', we will be performing Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine and Haydn Symphony no.101, The Clock. 

Running order for the event will be as follows:

7pm: The Order of Time: ES DEVLIN from text written by CARLO ROVELLI read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

7.45pm: The Multi-Story Orchestra will perform Short Ride in a Fast Machine, John Adams’ five minute masterpiece for 70 players and Haydn Symphony no.101 The Clock 

8.45pm: Bold Tendencies will host Carlo Rovelli and Es Devlin for a discussion of The Order of Time in the Straw Auditorium.

2.00pm | October 27th | Handel & Hendrix House.  “Gulliver’s Travel” family concert from Flautotonic 

In 1726, 3 years after Handel arrived in Brook Street, Gulliver’s Travels was published in London. Flautotonic bring this instant bestseller to life with an interactive programme that includes recreating soundscapes of the lands of Lilliput and Brobdingnag. Flautotonic are Lauren Brant (recorders), David Beaney (recorders and Baroque flute), Rebecca McChrystal (percussion) and Claire Williams (harpsichord). Venue: Studio Tickets: Adults £15, Under-16s £2 When: 27th Oct 2018 at 14:00

Jade Ellins will be performing at the following events:

6:30pm - 10:00pm | September 24th | Rough Trade East 

Dolls will be live in-store at Rough Trade East to perform tracks from their new 'Pop The Bubble EP', released 21st September on Death Waltz.

Vitor Pereira will be performing at the following events: 

8:00pm | October 5th | Gallery Cafe, 21 Old Fort Road, E2 9PL

Innovative and energetic contemporary jazz band led by Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira.

From the catchy headbanging riffs to more quiet and mesmerising atmospheres they cover a full spectrum of textures unveiling a vast background of musical influences and leading the listener through a very diverse and ‘bumpy’ journey. The gig also features Chris Williams, our woodwind tutor. 

Vitor Pereira - guitar/compositions

Chris Williams - alto saxophone

Alam Nathoo - tenor saxophone

Mick Coady - bass

Marek Dorcik - drums

Vitor Pereira (guitar / compositions)
Chris Williams (alto saxophone)
Alam Nathoo (tenor saxophone)
Mick Coady (bass)
Marek Dorcik (drums)

Phillip Harper will be performing in the following events:

8.30 pm | 27th September | Pizza Express Live (Holborn)

Tickets are £13 at Pizza Express

Steel Pan Fusion is driven by the powerful engine of drummer Sam Blue Agard and bassist Liam Joseph while percussionist Phillip Harper increases the rhythmic momentum with his array of congas and cowbells. Keyboardists Andre Louis and Joe McGrail add expressive harmonies and countermelodies to the arrangements, and saxophonist Adriano Rossetti-Bonell enriches the themes alongside two carefully deployed pan players, David Vine and bandleader Wade Austin. The result is as unique as it is engaging.

Wade Austin (Steel Pan bandleader)
David Vine (Steel Pan)
Liam Joseph (bass)
Joe McGrail (keys)
Andre Louis (keys)
Adriano Bonell (sax)
Sam Blue Agard (drums)
Phillip Harper (percussion)

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